Valentine's 2021

Valentine’s will be here soon. I think it’s harder to shop for than birthday or Christmas.  It has to be special, sentimental, unique. For women, this isn’t hard. There are great gifts. But for men, I think it’s harder for them to think outside the box. Something other than flowers and chocolate. Hey, I’m not turning down flowers and chocolate. But it is nice to have something that last longer than a few days.  This is a collection of things that I think could make Valentine’s special.

These days, it’s hard to go out to celebrate anything. But staying in can be fun too. I am going to give you links to some of my friends businesses to shop for the special day.

Planning to cook a special meal? Did you know that Tupperware has great recipes? And spice blends? They are great! Time saving. There is a super cute packables perfect for chocolates. “Heart to Heart Mini Packables set”

Let’s start when you are getting ready for the “date”.  Don’t you love to treat yourself to a little pampering? I love Pure Romance bath line. My favorite scent is Capri Dream. Go to Hailey’s site and search “Capri Dream” for all of the products. You will not regret.

How about getting your lips kiss worthy? Mary Kay White Tea & Citrus Satin Lips set. Let my friend Terri Karle hook you up!!

David and I have a lot of gifts we can sell you for Valentine’s for him. Flask, tumblers, knives, pens, and so much more. If you want some reasonable priced, gorgeous jewelry, check out  Touchstone Crystal by Swarovsk.  But maybe you could send David a hint for this necklace sold by my friend Michele Kidd.   Laguna Beach necklace, item 1706N 

 And of course, shop our Valentine's collection to find a unique personalized one of a kind gift for your partner.


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